How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in UK?

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in UK?

How much do dental implants cost in UK? Today we will try to find the answer of this vital questions. Tooth loss affects the jaw structure and design as well as affect the person emotionally. The phenomenon of tooth loss disrupts the alignment of teeth by the shifting of other teeth that exist in the cavity in the region. Tooth loss cannot be prevented and if tooth is lost, it affects the design of other teeth. Therefore, we should know that dental implant treatment should be performed as soon as possible. Otherwise, tooth losses and cost may increase. In this article we will take a look at the dental implant cost UK matter. Here those dental charge information.

teeth implant cost uk and Turkey
Teeth implant cost uk and Turkey


Before the Dental Implant Cost in UK, Let’s Learn What is Implant Treatment

Now let’s review what is dental implant.
Dental implant occurs from 3 section:
1- Implant: It is a very strong and durable screw placed on the jawbone instead of the missing tooth root.

2- Abutment: The part that connects the implant with the crown.

3- Crown: An artificial tooth placed in place of the missing tooth. It is generally used as metal supported and zirconium.

Cost of Dental Implant in UK –Turkey

Dental Treatments

Cost of dental implants and other treatments in UK

Cost of dental implants and other treatments in Turkey

Dental implant for single tooth



Metal porcelain crown for single tooth



Abutment for single tooth



X-Ray Package



Hygiene package



Dental Planning package



Aftercare medication



In the UK and other countries, dental implants do not differ greatly as treatment methods. However, costs may vary in each country. While the dental implant treatment of 1 tooth costs £ 2,100 in UK, same treatment with same brand costs nearly £550 in Turkey. When we consider a full-mouth dental implant, this dental treatment is costing £ 50,000 in Europe. However, the same process can be done in Turkey nearly £ 14,000 in Turkey. That means those who prefer Turkey for dental treatment can save up to 70%. As you would appreciate, there is a huge difference among the dental charges

Why Dental Implant Cost So Expensive in UK?

Dental implant costs in the UK are more expensive than the other countries. Let’s not forget that dental treatment is an important surgical procedure. That’s why it’s expensive. However, although dental treatments are offered in the same quality, costs are much lower in Turkey. In fact, patients receiving full-mouth dental implant treatment can save up to 70% in their costs. So, nevertheless, why are dental prices so expensive in the UK and very cheap abroad?

  • High rental costs in UK
  • Multiplicity of dental procedures
  • High salaries of dentists and dental technicians
  • Expensive labor costs

You should also add to the above reasons that the purchasing power of the British Pound is higher than the Turkish Lira, which is the Turkish currency. Thus, you can understand why tens of thousands of people choose Turkey each year for dental treatments.

Treatment Process of Dental Implant – Dental implant cost UK


teeth implant cost uk and Turkey
Teeth implant cost uk and Turkey

X-ray and jaw tomography of the person to be treated is examined. And then, the gums and jaw bone are examined. After that where the dental implant will be placed in the jaw is decided. If the jaw bone is insufficient, sinus lifting treatment is applied.

2-Placement of dental implant

An implant is placed in the jaw bone by drilling a hole in the gum to the places decided in the planning. The healing process must be waited for three months and a temporary tooth is inserted for this period.

3- End of treatment

After the patient’s jaw heals, the abutment is inserted. Then, as the last step, after the artificial tooth called the crown is inserted, the patient regains his new smile.

In our article, we wanted to share cost of dental treatment in UK and Turkey. As you see, there are really great differences among the dental prices. However, as we specified above, quality always same and in the world standards. The choice is yours. Think a second and answer please. Which one would you prefer now? We wish you a healthy lifetime.

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