How Much A Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost in UK-Turkey-Abroad?

Why the cost of full mouth dental implant expensive?

How much a full mouth dental implant cost in UK and Turkey? Everyone wants to have perfect, white laughs that will impress the other. However, when these impressive smiles are added to work intensity, work stress, daily tempo, acidic drinks, coffee and tea, we cannot pay enough attention to our dental health. Therefore, there may be yellowing, decay and even tooth loss on our teeth. When dental loss occurs, we need implant treatment. So the how much the cost of dental implant treatment in United Kingdom and Turkey? Is there a difference between charges?

Before everything, we should not forget that implant treatment is a surgical procedure. That’s why the reason, it is more expensive than other dental treatments. In the UK, implant treatment is much more expensive than other countries. For example, in UK, the dental implant costs is between £ 1500 and £ 3000 however in Turkey, same implant treatment can be performed between £ 499- £ 799 charges.

What is The Cost of a Full Mouth Dental Implant in Turkey?

From abroad, many patients prefer to Turkey for dental treatment. Even in recent years, soccer players, famous performers, announcers come to Turkey for a dental design called as ‘Hollywood Smile’. Affordable charge, superior quality, advanced technological devices, shortest time, tourist and ancient cities play an important role on choosing Turkey for dental health treatment. Therefore, Turkey has became the most preferred country for dental travel in recent years. Now let’s compare the Turkey with UK on full mouth dental implants costs subject. We need to know that Dental Implant treatment does not end with implant placement. This is done by placing an artificial crown on the tooth. We have prepared the following table considering the implant treatment method with the same brand products.


TreatmentDental Cost UKDental Cost Turkey
Dental implant£1500£499
Zirconium crown£1000£199
Metal crown£799£149
Treatment planning£100Free


Full mouth dental implant cost in UK = £50.000

Full mouth dental implant cost in the Turkey=£15.000


A patient’s full mouth dental implant treatment cost in the UK is over £ 50,000. However, same patients can be treated with same amount to £ 15,000 in Turkey. This shows that 70% savings can be achieved in an implant treatment process. There is also a different charge for each dental treatment in many European countries. In examination, x-ray, tomography, treatment planning, and even in the abutment you will pay different charges for each of them in UK and EU. The abutment process is A part of the implant treatment. The abutment process is not an extra transaction and in our opinion no extra charge is required in abutment. This process is seen as a package treatment in Turkey and costs as all-inclusive here. The purpose is to save the patient from possible extra costs.


There is a possibility of complications in every dental treatment patient. For example, the patient’s jawbone may be small for implant placement. The patient may had an implant treatment in past. The patient may have skewness, slippage, and bone discomfort in the jaw bone. Or the patient’s gingiva may have some problems. In these cases, bone powder addition, membrane treatment, etc. treatments may be required. Generally, these treatments do not have large costs. However, dentists should inform their patients about these issues before treatment.


Why the Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost is Cheaper in Abroad?

Dental treatment is very costly in the UK. Therefore, people with negative teeth and looking for alternatives usually prefer to have dental treatment in abroad. In this way, they save up to 70% and also spend their holidays in a great country at a cheap charge. Patient that traveling abroad for dental care from UK, most prefer Turkey among the other countries. This is due to factors such as more advanced technological devices, rapid dental treatment, precise results, superior quality. And of course, many of features, such as holidays, tourist attractions and ancient cities, come to you as a bonus during this treatmen process. In recent years, except of the implant treatment in Turkey, Hollywood Smile and Smile Design treatments are also demanded very much.

Well, why the dental implant charges in abroad is cheaper than UK? This questions includes multiple answers. If we need to sort these;

  • High clinic rent costs in UK
  • High dentist salaries
  • High salaries of dental technicians
  • Unavailability of qualified dental technicians.
  • More expensive costs of the dental procedures when compared to abroad.

With the specified circumstances above, the British pound is more valuable than the currencies of other countries. Therefore, it is more advantageous to have an implant abroad, in Turkey. Moreover, if you consider that full mouth dental implant is made, coming to Turkey idea for dental treatment to save £35,000 pounds sounds really logical and no one say no for this. Therefore, Turkey is the beaten track for those who want to get a dental treatment. Having a cheap and quality treatment together with an amazing vacation.. Great idea. What do you think?



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