Dental Crown Cost UK | How Much Is A Tooth Crown?

Dental Crown Cost UK | How Much Is A Tooth Crown?

How much does a dental crown cost in the UK ? Dental crown application is a dental cure treatment method to provide your teeth a perfect appearance by fixing the damaged teeth. With this dental treatment we can redesign the appearance of teeth you don’t like. Thus, you can have really extremely white and ordered teeth looking. Today we will talk about Dental crown cost Uk prices and dental treatment charges in Turkey Antalya province. How much is a tooth crown in Turkey and United Kindgom? Let’s review this matter together with you below.

dental crown cost uk?

Before we inform you the cost of dental crowns in the UK, let’s learn more about dental crowns.

Commonly used and most preferred dental crowns are 3 types.

  • Metal-Porcelain dental crown: This metal-porcelain coating contains metal in its substructure. It is prepared by processing porcelain, which is suitable for the dental structure of the patient, onto metal substructure. This long-lasting dental crown has a lower cost than the other crowns.
  • Zirconium dental crown: Porcelain is processed on the zirconium substructure. It is more aesthetic than metal-porcelain crown however not more durable. This is the most preferred type of crown.
  • Ceramic dental crowns: This coating is usually made to provide a more beautiful appearance on the front teeth. Its durability is low, but with a glassy shine it offers a beautiful appearance. Famous performers, movie stars and TV speakers often prefer this dental treatment.
  • Alloyed dental crown: Gold, copper and silver-like metals are used in this type of crown and these coatings are very durable. However, normal patients do not prefer a metal looking generally. It is a type of crown which is generally not preferred however among the American rap singers, this type of coating is quite popular. Usually some patients, who are rap artists in USA, prefer this coating. We can say that these coatings are just for rap artists.
How much do a dental teeth cost in the UK?
How much do a dental teeth cost in the UK?

Dental crowns are used for the treatment of caries, fractures, broken teeth and aesthetically beautiful purposes. The people, who want to capture an esthetically beautiful looking, usually prefer ceramic dental crown. However, this crown type is not only aesthetic but also sensitive and has less durability than the other crowns. Zirconium dental crown is not as aesthetic as ceramic coating but it is more durable. It is the most preferred crown type because it is the most durable and more permanent when compared the other kinds of coatings.




Teeth Crown Cost  in the UK vs Turkey

Dental Treatments

Tooth Crown Cost in The Uk

Tooth Crown Cost in The Turkey

Porcelain-Metal crown



Zirconium crown



E-max (Ceramic) crown



Full mouth tooth crown cost UK

Full mouth tooth crown cost UK?

Save 70% on Dental crown cost in Turkey when compared to UK

As you can see above, the most expensive dental crowns in Turkey is ceramic E-Max Crown and its price is £ 229. And this dental charge is cheaper even than Porcelain-Metal Crown, which is the cheapest crown in the UK. In the UK, there dental charges such as X-ray, tomography, dental planning and examination. However, these treatments are not charged in Turkey.

Because dental crown costs are really high in the United Kingdom and many patients have their dental treatments abroad. The dental patients, who have tooth fractures, tooth decay and deterioration, come to Turkey every year. Additionally, the patients who wish to have Hollywood Smile treatment, by having their treatments in Turkey, they catch the opportunity to save 70%. This is a really unique chance for you.How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In UK?  you can also learn about dental implants by reading this article.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last ?

Do you wonder how long do dental crowns last? Here the details. The average durability of dental crowns is between 10-15 years. But if you pay attention to this circumstance, it can last much longer. Using dental floss, brushing teeth 3 times in a day, not squeezing your teeth, not eating hard objects, paying attention to icy food can take up this durability period to 20-30 years. Paying attention to these situations is also vital for the health of your own teeth.


Full Mouth Dental Crown Cost Uk

Patients who want to have crowns on all of the teeth in their mouth can do this at much higher prices abroad. In the United Kingdom, for example a full mouth zirconium crown treatment cost is £15,000 (£500 x 30 teeth), while in Turkey the same treatment cost is between £5500- £6000. In addition, we should not forget that, in the UK, procedures such as X-Ray, dental planning, tomography and abutment are charged. This detail is vital while your are planning your treatment. There is a huge difference on the dental charges  between UK and Turkey.

Why Should I Have My Dental Treatment Abroad?

All around the world, everybody wants to have a perfect, ordered and extreme white teeth and want to impress people with their amazing smile. However, this desire costs to very expensive in the United Kingdom as in many other European countries. Not only dental crown costs, but also dental implants, dental veneers, Hollywood Smile, Smile Makeover treatments also very affordable in Turkey when compared to UK.

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